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Learn to Use Ada and SPARK

There are many reasons to use the Ada 2012 programming language or the SPARK subset that supports provable applications.

So, you’re interested in learning more about Ada and SPARK. Maybe you found the Reasons to Use Ada and SPARK compelling or you might want to build a project for the “Make with Ada” competition.

We have a number of articles that address learning about Ada and SPARK, as well as one that highlights one of the main features, contracts. The first article is about a winner in the Make with Ada competition who learned Ada to build his project. Ada has changed quite a bit from its inception, and our last article discusses this topic.

You can check out the site or the You Can Now Learn SPARK and Ada Online below. Just in case you think Ada and SPARK will not work on something like a Cortex-M4, we have an article on that, too.


Learning from an Ada Neophyte


Technology Editor Bill Wong recently judged the “Make with Ada” competition and found some interesting feedback that will intrigue embedded developers. Stephane Carrez of Issy Les Moulineaux, France, took first place with a network-traffic monitoring tool called EtherScope. In second place was German Rivera of Austin, who developed an Autonomous Car Framework for the NXP cup race car. But what I want to highlight is the feedback from the third-place winner, Shawn Nock from London, Ontario, who developed a Bluetooth Beacons “iBeacon” using Ada. Shawn learned Ada while working on his project.

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Ada 2012: The Joy of Contracts

The new Ada 2012 standard was recently approved by ISO. It incorporates contracts that will have a major impact on application design. This article highlights how contracts work. It only provides the basics, but the article should give the average programmer an idea of the power it provides developers.  

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Use Contracts to Enforce Effective Coding

Hristian Kirtchev delves into Ada contracts. They form a great foundation for safe programming and code correctness. They’re also the basis for SPARK, which uses them to prove a program does what it’s supposed to do.

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You Can Now Learn SPARK and Ada Online

AdaCore’s "" site teaches Ada and SPARK programming using interactive sessions. You can always dive right in, but this article highlights some of the reasons why the system works well.

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Running Ada 2012 on the Cortex-M4

The latest open-source Ada 2012 system from AdaCore, running on STMicroelectronics’ STM32 F4 Discovery board, is based on Arm’s Cortex-M4 microcontroller.

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What's the Difference: Ada Then and Now

Ada has evolved over the years taking in the latest programming ideas from object-oriented programming to contract-based programming.

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