Electronic Design

Wide-Input Voltage LED Driver Offers Multiple Dimming Controls

TI_0924-AThe LM3463, a six-channel LED driver from TI featuring dynamic headroom control for high-power applications, is being touted as the industry’s first wide-input voltage LED driver with multiple dimming control modes. The device maximizes system efficiency and reduces complexity in LED area lighting applications, such as street, high-bay and ceiling lights. The 12 V to 95 V wide input voltage LED controller drives up to 28 LEDs per string with dimming control that is managed by an external microcontroller via the dimming input pins. Multiple drivers can be cascaded in a master-slave configuration for applications requiring more than six-string LED operation. Protection features include input under-voltage lock-out, LED open/short circuit, MOSFET thermal protection and over-temperature shutdown. Available in volume now, the LM3463 LED driver is offered in a 7 x 7 mm, 48-pin LLP package and is priced at $4.19 each/1,000.
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