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CAM-Based Card Queries Databases At Torrid Pace

With its reported ability to outperform traditional data recall systems by a factor of up to 6,000, the e.Card Distributed Query Processor is expected to find wide use in look-up intensive applications. Examples are search engines, data warehousing systems, transaction-oriented processes, routers, and switches. The card's ultra-high performance is credited, in large measure, to its use of Content Addressable Memory (CAM) technology to transform standard RAM memories into associative memory and to a plug-and-play PCI interface that allows users to quickly offload processors. As a result, eCard reportedly can achieve up to 10 million database seeks/s, a transactional pace certain to help routers, switches and database operations contend with the ever upward spiraling demands of e-commerce and Internet systems.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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