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High Bandwidth DRAM Supports 3D Graphics

With the goal of enabling high-quality 3D graphics and streaming video in next-generation handhelds, the company has unveiled what it calls the memory market’s first 512-Mb DRAM that operates at speeds up to 333 Mb/s while transmitting 32 bits of data simultaneously. Two of the devices can be stacked together to provide 1 Gb of memory. Operating from a 1.8V supply, the chip is available in DDR and SDRAM formats to support as many data-transmission systems as possible. The company will also be developing the 512-Mb mobile memory for its multi-chip packages (MCPs) and system-in-a-package (SIP) devices. The chip, in x16 and x32 versions, will be in production during the second half of this year. For more details and prices, call SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO. LTD., San Jose, CA. (408) 544-4000.


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