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If you missed the web seminar, Unveiling Innovations in Batteries and Portable Power, you still have a chance to view the archive. Sponsored by Micro Power Electronics, Inc. the webcast presents upcoming innovations in the battery and power management industry. Speakers provide an unbiased and vendor-neutral roadmap of upcoming innovations in cell chemistries, power management electronics, authentication technology, and portable fuel cells for mobile devices. Speakers include Dr. Robin Sarah Tichy, Product Marketing Engineer for Micro Power Electronics, Inc. and Dr. Rory Pynenburg, Senior Battery Systems Specialist for Micro Power Electronics, Inc.

The webcast covers:

  • Advancements in rechargeable cell technology
  • Changes in cathode and anode material in Lithium cells, and implications to host equipment
  • New high-power Lithium-Ion cells supporting 100 Amp discharges
  • Best practices for battery pack design •Design guidelines to accommodate highpower cell
  • Cell-balancing techniques enabling 24 V Lithium packs
  • Advancements in Battery Management
  • Improving accuracy and eliminating calibration cycles with fuel gauges
  • Host equipment authentication of battery packs with encryption
  • Regulatory and Marketing Update
  • Market update on fuel cell in handheld applications
  • Ensuring these new technologies comply with UN, DoT, and RoHS guidelines

To view the webcast, point your browser to the web seminar archive at

INSTEON Development and Technology Conference May 2, 2006 * Santa Clara, CA
Decision makers evaluating home control and the future of the connected home are invited to attend the INSTEON Development and Technology Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The INSTEON Alliance has announced that Tricia Parks, founder and CEO of Parks Associates, will deliver the keynote address for its inaugural conference, which is being held in conjunction with Parks Associates' signature event, CONNECTIONS: The Digital Home Conference & Showcase. Cost is $750 for the conference and includes admission to Day 2 of CONNECTIONS.
To find out more about this event, visit:

Global warming was the subject of a special report in a recent issue of Time magazine. What purchase of yours for personal or home use has helped the most to reduce CO2 emissions?

  • Hybrid vehicle
  • Vehicle that can run on E85 ethanol
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbine
  • Other alternative energy source
  • None of the above

Datasheet Central
New for April is our updated listing of companies who supply Op Amps. Our Datasheet Central listing makes it fast and easy to link to the datasheets and application notes on vendor web sites. To visit Datasheet Central, go to and scroll down to Datasheet Central.

Joe Desposito's Blog
This month Joe travels to the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose and reports on some of the best new products introduced at the show. He'll also give you his thoughts on the show's change of venue from San Francisco. To read Joe's blog entry, point your browser to and scroll down to Joe Desposito's Blog.

If you're interested in the application of electronics to homeland security, Isonics Corporation, a provider of solutions for the homeland security market, has announced the online availability of a broad array of in-depth informational materials detailing capabilities of its recently announced product line of novel "intelligent" video security solutions to be offered through the company's Homeland Security division. Videos, brochures and other materials describe in detail the functionalities and competitive advantages of its state-of-the-art digital system.
Agilent Technologies
has announced a Web-based discussion forum for network analyzer customers to collaborate with peers and Agilent engineers around the world. Customers may use the forum to ask network analyzer questions, share perspectives or read about prior discussion topics. User can anonymously ask questions about such topics as network analyzer operation, calibration, applications, programming, remote communications or other related topics. Registration is not required to view content, but it is required to post a topic or to receive an automatic notification when new replies are posted to the forum.

Company: EEPN

Product URL: Click here for more information

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