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Mobile Entertainment Proceeds Forward

These days, the term mobile entertainment is creating a big buzz in the wireless industry. Gone are the days when a cell phone was merely used to place and receive calls. Now, consumers demand access to a number of features—not the least of which are wireless games. As evidence of this trend, witness the recent partnership between Jumbuck Entertainment and Qualcomm.

Under the terms of this strategic relationship, Jumbuck Entertainment will provide new game titles that have been developed for Qualcomm's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform. The game titles, which will be released this fall, will feature such prominent figures as English soccer star Ryan Giggs. Hoping to garner a great deal of consumer acceptance, the games will also be made available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese. The company plans to use the distribution of these new gaming titles to fully utilize BREW products and services.

This move will guarantee that wireless games are made available to the millions of worldwide BREW-enabled cell-phone users. The BREW platform affords Jumbuck Entertainment access to an extensive network of wireless operators around the world. It also provides ease of integration and networking support for applications. Jumbuck Entertainment—and other companies like it—should find themselves in a position to develop applications more quickly and with a minimal amount of effort.

For Qualcomm, the Jumbuck Entertainment relationship further cements its growing league of international developers. By using BREW, these developers are expanding their distribution channels to a global audience. For the developer camp, BREW should open the door to new revenue opportunities. To the consumer, it offers access to sought-after mobile-entertainment features. For further information on the new game offerings, point your web browser to www.jumbuck.com. Details on BREW can be downloaded at Qualcomm's website, located at www.qualcomm.com.

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