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MontaVista Software, Inc. (www.mvista.com) has joined the Open Mobile Alliance (www.openmobilealliance.org). The alliance was formed to enable the creation of mobile services by defining an open-standards-based framework.

Amy Tsang was promoted to Director of Marketing at Performance Coatings, Asia by Enthone Inc.—a Cookson Electronics PWB Materials & Chemistry business (www. cooksonelectronics.com).

The American Physical Society (APS) named Bell Laboratories' Arthur Ashkin the 2003 winner of the Joseph F. Keithley Award. This award was given for Ashkin's theoretical and experimental contributions to the understanding of laser cooling and the trapping of atoms and particles.

Tektronix, Inc. (www.tektronix.com) opened a manufacturing facility in China. This facility is preparing for the future, as China is predicted to become a large segment of the test and measurement market. Initially, the building will serve as a primary manufacturing site for the region.

The Executive Board Members for the InterNational Committee for Infor-mation Technology Standards (www.incits.org) elected Karen Higginbottom as Chair. Higginbottom is the Director of Standards Initiatives in Hewlett Packard's Office of Strategy and Technology.

EMS Technologies, Inc. (www.ems-t.com) named Bobby Potts the Director of Operations for EMS Wireless. Potts will lead the organization's factory operations.

Beach Solutions (www.beachsolutions.com) joined the OCP Internation-al Partnership Association, Inc. or OCP-IP (www.OCPIP.org). By participating in the further development of infrastructure around a de-facto industry standard for connectivity, Beach and OCP-IP hope to smooth the path toward effective design re-use.

RF Micro Devices, Inc. (www.rfmd.com) received ISO 14001:1996 certification for environmental management systems from the TUV Management Service certification body.

Victor Schnee and Allan Tumolillo announced the creation of Probe Financial Associates (www.proberesearch.com/pfa) and the launch of its first two new products: Alert! and Financial Strategy Profiles. PFA will strive to be a leading source of independent research for institutions and individuals that are concerned about financial developments in telecommunications and related industries.

Sierra Wireless, Inc. (www.sierrawireless.com) appointed Nadir Mohamed to its Board of Directors. Mohamed is President and CEO of Rogers Wireless Communications, Inc.

Tyco Electronics' (www.tycoelectronics.com) Hermosillo, Mexico plant and Mt. Joy, PA operation both received qualifications from the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC). The Hermosillo facility completed its Periodic Retention of Qualification for the RF products associated with military specification MIL-PRF-39012. The Hermosillo plant was certified for meeting the Quality Assurance Program of MIL-STD-790 last year.

GL Communications (www.gl.com) opened a Shanghai office to better provide telecom test equipment for the Asian market. The company already has an office in Bangalore, India.

The SALT Forum (www.saltforum.org) revised its membership structure and organizing principles. The revised organizational structure broadens industry representation by introducing a Sponsor membership class with full voting rights on the Forum's Board of Directors. In addition, Contributor members now will be granted voting rights within working groups. This change formalizes the established practices of the Forum.

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