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Web Site Offers Free Data On Product Compliance

TÜVRheinland has created TUVdotCOM (www.tuvdotcom.com) to enhance the way safety information is shared with the public. Consumers, vendors, and regulatory personnel can search for manufacturers’ compliance certificates on TUVdotCOM’s global certification database. The free Web site acts as a compliance library with access to thousands of active certifications issued by TÜVRheinland, which supplies global testing, assessment, and certification services.

With threats of product recalls and counterfeit goods continuing worldwide, TUVdotCOM delivers verifiable and up-to-date compliance information accurately and easily. Certificates issued by TÜVRheinland’s global offices are immediately posted on the Web site, benefiting both business-to-business organizations and consumers. Manufacturers can choose TUVdotCOM’s Basic free service or upgrade to the enhanced services offered at the Premium level, which also performs a marketing and document-handling function.

The Basic service includes:

  • 24/7 listing of certified products and services;
  • real-time communication of new listings to customers, vendors, and distributors;
  • international presence through one worldwide common mark;
  • a global web platform translated into over a dozen languages; and
  • marketing tools to promote third-party endorsement and certified product/service attributes.


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