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Resistive Load Banks Available For All Occasions

For those requiring resistive loads for specific application and designs, the company offers the Custom Built AC/DC Resistive Load Bank service, promising to deliver high-quality loads in a timely manner with more cost-effective pricing than in-house built loads. The offering specializes in designing and manufacturing variable resistive load banks to exact specifications. Loads come in an enclosed rack-mount/bench-top chassis with power ratings from 25W to 30 kW in a single chassis and users may combine three 30-kW loads to create a 90-kW unit. Custom user manuals come with each chassis. Units can support all load requirements including dc, ac (single phase and three phase), 1% or 5% resistor tolerances, power factor loads configurable with remote or manual operation, multiple input, microprocessor control, meters, or virtually any user option. OHM LOADS INC., Ontario, Canada. (877) 640-1033.


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