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Transformers Deliver Stable Outputs

The company’s ferroresonant transformers deliver stable output voltages in the realm of ±3% even when the input voltage varies by as much as ±15%. Models are available for 50, 60, and 50/60 Hz operation, with output ratings from 50 VA to 5 kVA. Typical operating efficiencies exceed 85%, and transformers are available that can operate continuously with a direct short applied across the output terminals. Other options include UL-recognized insulation from class 130 (B) through class 220 (R) and a sine-wave output that reduces total harmonic distortion to less than 5% typical. Vacuum and pressure impregnation with specialty formulated epoxy resin for low acoustic noise is standard on all models. For further information and prices, call FOSTER TRANSFORMER, Cincinnati, OH. (800) 963-9799.


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