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Cree now samples silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes with 1200-V breakdown voltages. The high-voltage rating on these devices makes them suitable as anti-parallel diodes for high-frequency inverters, snubber diodes for high-current IGBT inverters, boost diodes for power-factor correction circuits, and high-voltage multipliers. www.cree.com

International Rectifier's WARP2 600-V, non-punchthrough IGBTs feature faster turnoff, enabling them to replace power MOSFETs in power-factor correction and zero-voltage-switched applications. Short tail current permits the IGBTs to operate efficiently up to 150 kHz with lower conduction losses than comparable MOSFETs. www.irf.com

Texas Instruments plans to introduce ICs for power-over-Ethernet in April of this year. The chips will target power-over-LAN and power-over-MDI devices as well as voice-over-IP phones and other applications. Also in the first half of this year, the company will extend the input voltage range of its SWIFT dc-dc converter chips. New models will accept 4.5- to 24-V inputs, while providing 3 A continuous output. www.ti.com

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