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Buck Regulators Come In Small Packages

Said to deliver the highest current in the smallest available package, MIC2177/78 and MIC2179 are 200-kHz, current-mode, synchronous dc-to-dc buck converter ICs with on-chip MOSFETs. All three devices maintain greater than 95% efficiency over a wide range of load currents. This is achieved by using a novel control scheme with PWM while delivering high current and skip mode to increase efficiency with a low load current. The MIC2177 offers the simplest configuration by automatically switching between PWM and skip modes as the load current drops to approximately 250 mA. The MIC2178/79 offer designers the flexibility to switch manually between the two modes to optimize efficiency for specific applications. The MIC2179 comes in a tiny SSOP20 and delivers 1.5A output current, while the MIC2177/78 comes in a larger SO-20 but delivers 2.5A load current. All three devices are available with adjustable or fixed 3.3V or 5V output voltages.


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