Electronic Design

MOSFETs Improve Power-Critical Designs

Claiming to redefine performance standards in consumer and industrial apps via breakthroughs in figure-of-merit (FOM), the AON6240 and AOT260L power MOSFETs combine low on-resistance with a very low gate charge. Both devices feature a soft recovery body diode to lower switching losses and power consumption. The AON6240 is a 40V, N-channel MOSFET in a 5 mm x 6 mm DFN package with a 70% better FOM than its previous generation. On resistance is less than 1.6 m? at VGS=10V and less than 2.4 m? at VGS=4.5V. The 60V, N-channel AOT260L comes in a TO-220 package or a D2PAK. With a 69% better FOM than its previous generation, the device specifies an on resistance of less than 2.5 m? at VGS=10V. Prices for the AON6240 and AOT260L are $0.925 and $1.80 each/10,000. Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 830-9742.

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