Electronic Design

New Products: More Analog & Power

Codecs Simplify Consumer Gear
Four surroundsound codecs enable designers to reduce component counts without compromising performance. The CS42416, CS42426, CS42418, and CS42428, which deliver multichannel 192-kHz DVD-audio capability, come in six- and eight-channel versions. Each is available in two performance categories of 110- and 114-dB dynamic range. Operation for the 64-pin LQFP devices is from a 3- to 5-V digital supply and a 5-V analog supply. Prices for the CS42416 start at $3.31 each in lots of 10,000.

Cirrus Logic Inc.

12- And 14-Bit DACs’ Outputs Sport Programmable Ranges
The LTC1588 and LTC1589 are 12- and 14-bit current-output digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with software-programmable output ranges. The SoftSpan DACs are programmed with a three-wire serial interface to operate in any of six possible output ranges: two unipolar (0 V to 5 V; and 0 V to 10 V) and four bipolar (±2.5 V; ±5 V; ±10 V; and −2.5 to 7.5 V). All output spans have highly precise specifications of ±1 LSB INL and ±1 USB DNL. Prices for the 16-pin SSOPs start at $5.95 each for the LTC1588 and $9.95 each for the LTC1589 in lots of 1000.

Linear Technology Corp.

Linear Regulator Minimizes Noise
The IRU1502-33 is billed as the industry’s first fixed PMOS low-dropout linear regulator in a six-pin MLPM package with less than 0.6-V dropout at full load current of 1 A. The package possesses a very efficient thermal coefficient of 42°C/W, compared to the SOT-223 package’s 53°C/W. In addition, the MLPM package is 50% smaller than the SOT-223. Pricing is $0.37 each in lots of 10,000.

International Rectifier

Power Controller Adds Fault Recovery
Robust fault protection and inrush current control for systems operating from 2.3 to 13.2 V are two of the benefits derived from the MIC2583R hot-swap power-controller IC. The device offers 20-V input surge protection, eliminating the need for external protection circuits. With its auto-retry fault-recovery mode, the controller will attempt to restart the system at a low duty cycle. Prices start at $1.25 each in lots of 10,000.

Micrel Inc.

Converter Delivers 1.2-V Outputs
The FX5545G008 is a synchronous buck converter rated for a maximum output of 3.6 W and maximum current of 3 A. Packaged in a 20-port, surface-mount BGA, the device delivers a power density of over 380 W/in.3 It converts inputs of 2.5 to 6 V into output voltages of 0.8 to 1.2 V. Pricing starts at $4.90 each in lots of 10,000.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.

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