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Solid-State Line Switches Control Small Appliances
Control of small pumps, fans, valves, and other loads that require protection against overvoltage is the bailiwick of the ACS family of line switches. With their high blocking voltage (up to 500 V) and clamping voltage (up to 1100 V), the switches can withstand back-EMF created by inductive loads operating from 240-V ac mains. The switches also feature a noise immunity of 500 V/ms, enabling applications to meet IEC61000-4-4 transient burst immunity requirements. Max current per switch is 2 A. Unit pricing starts at $0.18 in quantities of 500,000.


5000-W Supply Pushes Power Density Beyond 12 W/in.3
The PM33215 provides 12 V at 400 A in a 5- by 5- by 15.5-in. (17-in. Hot Plug) chassis, resulting in a power density of over 12 W/in.3 Output voltage is programmable from 6 to 13.8 V dc, and input voltage ranges from 180 to 264 V ac. Available in standalone or "Hot Plug" configurations, these supplies can provide up to 1600 A (20 kW) in a 3U shelf. Pricing starts at $1675 in OEM quantities.

Pioneer Magnetics Inc.
(310) 829-6751

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