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Compact SPM Provides Integrated Control Of Fractional HP Motors
Fairchild Semicondcutor International
(888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036; www.fairchildsemi.com.

The FPAL15SH60 is a smart power module (SPM) designed for 100- to 253-V ac, three-phase inverter drives for low-power (0.75 kW) applications. This device is housed in a fully isolated 55- by 57-mm package with a rated isolation voltage of 2500 V. According to the company, this SPM is compact, cost-effective, and highly reliable. A high-speed HVIC eliminates the need for opto-couplers or a negative bias. It also allows the IGBTs to be driven by a single bias supply. In addition, the device's advanced current-sensing IGBT chips provide short-circuit current detection and protection. The device incorporates six IGBTs and anti-parallel diodes, high-speed control ICs, and a thermistor for temperature sensing. While the continuous rms current rating of the SPM is 5.0 A, the one-minute rms current rating is 7.5 A. The FPAL15SH60 costs $12.00 in 2000-unit quantities.

48-V Power Modules Offer Power Outputs From 7.5 To 30 W
Premier Magnetics
(949) 452-0511; fax (949) 452-0512; www.premiermag.com.

A line of dc-dc power modules is targeted at the needs of the telecom industry. The modules feature a nominal 48-V dc input (36 to 72 V). A full range of outputs are available, including 3.3, 5, 12, and 15 V. Additional outputs include ±5, ±12, and ±15 V. The devices are available in 7.5-, 15-, and 30-W packages. These high-efficiency modules (80%, typical) provide fully regulated outputs (±1% load regulation). The input/output isolation ranges from 500 to 3000 V dc. The modules feature self-resetting output short-circuit protection and remote on/off control. Additional input voltages include 5, 12, and 24 V. The 7.5-W modules cost between $12.00 and $15.00 in OEM quantities.

1U Power Supply Features Power Factor Correction
Astec America Inc.
(760) 930-4600; fax (760) 930-0698; www.astec.com.

The LPQ172 power supply features active power factor correction to minimize input harmonic distortion. This compact 85- to 264-V ac, 120- to 370-V dc input power supply is suited for 1U rack installations and other low-profile applications. Featuring 30 CFM forced air, the unit provides 175 W of output power. 110 W of output power is provided with convection cooling. Measuring only 1.5 in. high, the LPQ172 has a compact footprint of 4.25 by 8.5 in. The unit can be set up for lengthwise or crosswise airflow. It features a built-in Class B EMI filter, remote sense, and single-wire parallel on the primary output that enables current sharing to balance loads. The unit features an operating-temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. Pricing begins at $145.00 in OEM quantities.

High-Voltage Chip Simplifies Design Of Offline Power Supplies Up To 15 W
STMicroelectronics Inc.
(781) 861-2650; www.st.com.

Designed to simplify offline power supplies up to 15 W, the L6590 Fully Integrated Power Supply chip integrates a 700-V power MOSFET switch. It also integrates all of the control circuits needed to build a converter using flyback, boost, or forward topologies. The L6590 operates over the 85- to 265-V ac input-voltage range. It also functions with dc inputs. While an on-chip 65-kHz oscillator eliminates the need for external oscillator components, a nondissipative internal startup circuit guarantees high efficiency at light loads.

The L6590D is comes in an SO-16W package. It provides both brownout and error amplifier connections. The L6590N and L6590AN are assembled in 8-lead DIP packages. While the L6590N includes the error amplifier function, the L6590AN includes the brownout function. All versions cost $0.75 in 25,000-unit quantities.

MOSFETs Are PWM-Optimized For Synchronous Rectification Use
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
(610) 644-1300; fax (610) 296-0657; www.vishay.com.

Two Little Foot power MOSFETs target dc-dc converters. Both devices are intended for synchronous rectifier applications. The Si4838DY features a 12-V VDS. This is a PWM-optimized n-channel device. According to the company, it offers a 40% overall performance improvement over any comparable device. While its maximum on-resistance is just 3 mΩ, it features a typical gate charge of 40 nC. The Si4876DY is for applications where more headroom is required. This 20-V device features an on-resistance of 5 mΩ. Its QG is just 55 nC.

Both the Si4838DY and Si4876DY are offered in the Little Foot So-8 package. In 100,000-unit quantities, the Si4838DY and Si4876Dy cost $1.24 and $1.16, respectively.

Input Power Supplies Handle Input Sources From 600 To 800 V DC
Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
(613) 836-3511; fax (613) 836-7488; www.absopulse.com.

The 100-W HVI 109 and 50-W HVI 09 converters are designed for applications with inputs from 600 to 800 V dc. According to the company, these devices are suited for public transport, heavy industrial machinery, and mining applications. The converters feature operating efficiencies of 80% at full load (minimum). Both feature full electronic protection on the input and output. The converters come in corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures. While the HVI 109 measures 10.0 by 4.4 by 2.2 in., the HVI 09 measures 7.8 by 4.4 by 2.0 in. In 100-unit quantities, the HVI 109 costs $112, and the HVI 09 costs $169.

Low-Voltage DC-DC Converters Target FPGA, DSP, And ASIC Core Logic
Datel Inc.
(508) 339-3000; fax (508) 339-6356; www.datel.com.

Members of the UWR 9-15W A-Series are 6-A, low-voltage dc-dc converters. According to the company, these devices deliver the most current from standard 1- by 2-in. packages. Optional output voltages include 1.5, 1.8, or 2.5 V. Input voltage ranges include 10 to 18 V, 18 to 36 V, and 36 to 75 V. 310-kHz synchronous rectifier topologies deliver high efficiency and stable no-load operation. The converters operate from −40°C to 60/70°C ambient with no derating. The devices are fully isolated (1500 V dc) and I/O protected. Additional features include optional trim/control/sync functions. The converters are UL1950/EN60950-certified and CE-marked. Pricing starts at $35.00 in 10,000-unit quantities.

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