Electronic Design

Power Supply Keeps The Bubbles Going

Sure, that hot tub with the built-in stereo system and surroundsound speakers is great after a long day at the workstation. But how does this slice of paradise get its power? Try the R1005. This single 12-V output power supply from Radius Power is rated at 180 or 350 W, with power inputs of 120 or 240 V ac. It's ETL certified to meet UL/CSA standards for spa/hot tub usage, providing all of the power needed for today's integrated water-resistant audio, communication, and control equipment. Its shielded and grounded transformer reduces or eliminates shock hazards, while the weather-sealed enclosure protects the system from the wet, humid environment. Available off the shelf, the R1005 costs $160 in 25-unit quantities. Custom modifications and complete assemblies are available as well. For details, go to www.radiuspower.com.

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