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Power-Supply News

> The Mercury series of power-factor-corrected front-end power supplies from Transistor Devices delivers 1200 W of 12-, 24-, or 48-V dc output from a 90- to 300-V ac input. The rating rises to 1500 W with a 176- to 300-V ac input. Efficiency is about 91.5% from half to full load. Units are available in 1U, 2U, or 3U packages. With the 2U version, four units will fit within a 2U shelf, providing 3600-W output with N+1 redundancy. A 48- to 24-V dc-dc version is also offered. See for details.

> The 60-W, universal-input, desktop power supply from Potrans Electrical Corp. meets the 2005 worldwide low-power-consumption requirement. With a 264-V ac, 50-Hz input, the 4.41- by 2.03- by 1.16-in. supply consumes 0.5 W with no load or 2 W with a 60 mA load. Go to for further information.

> Aimed at wireless basestations, SynQor's PowerQor Tera series half-brick dc-dc converters deliver 9.2 A at 18-V output or 9.6 A at 26 V. Offered in open-frame packaging or with baseplate attached, the half bricks specify 92% efficiency at full load. Visit for more.

> Now sampling, Galaxy Power's eighth brick delivers 40 A at 2.5 V while operating with 90% efficiency. Units cost $60 in 1000-piece quantities. Go to

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