SiC Power MOSFET Features Internal SBD

SiC Power MOSFET Features Internal SBD

74313_0816-AWillich-Münchheide, Germany: According to Rohm, its second-generation, high-voltage (1200V) silicon-carbide power MOSFET is the first to integrate a SiC Schottky barrier diode (SBD) in the same package. Forward voltage (VF) is cut by at least 70%, minimising  power loss and component usage. The SCH2080KE’s low power loss and high reliability reduce power consumption and enable support for smaller peripheral components (the latter due to switching frequencies above 50kHz).

Rohm overcame the performance degradation caused by body diode conduction and failures of the gate oxide film, enabling full-scale integration. Processes related to crystal defects and device structure were enhanced, while on-resistance per unit area was reduced by around 30%. Proprietary mounting technology allowed for the SiC SBD’s integration.

Applications include inverters and converters in power conditioners for industrial devices and photovoltaic power generation.


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