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Title: Preparing for the Future of IoT
Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour


Industrial equipment manufacturers have a tough job today preparing products to be ready for the IoT. Even with all the work that has been invested towards making the IoT a reality, there are still many open questions on how the IoT will be rolled out and reach the volumes that analysts have predicted. Product designers must design to many requirements – long life in the field for industrial applications, flexibility to integrate with one of several different cloud services, and support for multiple wireless protocols. On top of this, specific IoT applications need different levels of processing capacity at the edge, and of course there is still the specter of securing these vast networks of interconnected devices.

NXP can bridge this gap to deploying the IoT with our scalable ARM Cortex A based QorIQ Layerscape family of SoCs. With integrated support for virtual machines, cloud service providers can easily integrate their software and move cloud-based analytics straight to the network edge. A family of processors that ranges from a single A53 core to eight A72 cores provides a wide array of processing power to right size the platform for the application. The Layerscape family integrates many IO interfaces, ensuring direct interconnect with different wireless ICs, and designers can take advantage of the wide NXP portfolio for low power wireless standards, in addition to high speed Wi-Fi and cellular modems. Finally, designers can rest assured that their design will be secure, using the the QorIQ Layerscape Secure Platform built on the Trust Architecture to ensure that devices are secure from the time of manufacture until they are decommissioned.

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