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Superthreaded Route Acceleration, now offered in Cadence's NanoRoute router, provides a tenfold productivity gain while maintaining timing and signal-integrity results. Superthreading combines the advantages of multithreaded routing with the flexibility of distributed parallel routing. It uses LSF network protocols or a manually driven network. Superthreading comes with NanoRoute in Version SoC 4.1 of the Encounter digital IC design platform. For more information, visit www.cadence.com

In an OEM agreement, NEC Electronics will bundle and distribute a license for Synplicity's Amplify ISSP Physical Optimizer tool within NEC's Open CAD design environment. This environment is used to develop NEC's Instant Silicon Solution Platform (ISSP) structured ASIC products. For more details, visit www.necelal.com/isspseminar or www.synplicity.com/isspseminar

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