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CMOS ADC Delivers 14-Bits At 20 Msamples/s

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Introduced as the industryÕs first 14-bit CMOS a/d converter running at 20 Msamples/s, the SPT8000 uses a proprietary internal calibration algorithm supported by an internal microcontroller. After calibration, measured errors of each pipeline stage are stored in RAM. During further conversions, the microcontroller looks up the RAM contents and makes digital corrections to the errors.Other features include a differential linearity error at ±0.5 LSB, an integral linearity error at ±1.2 LSB, an SFDR of 87 dB, SNR of 76.5 dB, and a THD of -84 dBcÑall measured at 5 MHz. Power dissipation is 725 mW and operational temperature range is from -40ûC to +85ûC. Sample quantities are available now with production quantites expected in the first quarter of 2002. Price is $42 each/1,000. SIGNAL PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES, Colorado Springs, CO. (800) 643-3778.

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