Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

Validation of OCP-IP cores is easier than ever with the Open Core Protocol International Partnership's CoreCreator 4.0. The tool provides a single graphical or command-line-based environment for creating and validating OCP-IP implementations. With support for OCP 2.0, the tool can import existing intellectual-property cores or assist in creating new ones. It also endows either with OCP protocol and physical constraint compliance. CoreCreator 4.0 is available to OCP-IP members through the consortium's Web site at www.ocpip.org.

Enhanced parasitic extraction to better address 90-nm design challenges is the strength of Magma's QuickCap NX. Improved process modeling, technology model encryption, a parallel execution mode, reference-level Spice netlist generation, and a new 3D graphics viewer all add up to more accurate prediction of silicon performance. The tool lists at $200,000/year for a three-year license. Current QuickCap users can upgrade. Visit www.magma-da.com for more information.

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