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EDA Roundup

RTL can now be executed in a SystemC simulator, thanks to Carbon Design Systems' integration of its DesignPlayer engine into CoWare's ConvergenSC SystemC simulator. Joint customers of Carbon Design and CoWare now can use a SystemC simulator with the freedom to swap between an architectural model and a design's RTL model. Such customers also can incorporate legacy IP into high-speed SystemC simulations using ConvergenSC. For more information, visit


A design platform for TSMC'S silicon-germanium (SiGe) process will be the end result of a partnership between TSMC and Applied Wave Research. The platform for TSMC's 0.35-µm SiGe process will include AWR's Analog Office RFIC design software, a process design kit based on open software standards, and a full product support package. Also on tap is a new set of process-calibrated and process-tuned device models for the SiGe process. For further details, visit:

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