Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

Version 6.0 of Nassda's HSIMplus improves dc convergence, transient analysis speed, and modeling accuracy. The Hanex 6.0 circuit-level analysis tool covers more design types and supports silicon-on-insulator devices. The Critic timing analyzer supports a streamlined crosstalk-analysis flow. Prices start at $67,500 for HSIMplus, $58,500 for Hanex, and $54,000 for Critic. Visit www.nassda.com for further information.

Design of enclosure front panels is easier than ever with Saelig's FrontDesigner, a $79.95 Windows tool. The tool has a slew of drawing functions and handles rotation, stretching, mirroring, drilling, milling, and more. An integrated scale assistant helps create perfect scales of every kind. For details, visit www.saelig.com.

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