Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

More accurate delay prediction for nanometer designs has motivated Magma Design Automation to support Cadence's effective current-source model (ECSM) for timing calculations. ECSM improves delay calculation accuracy by modeling a cell's output drive as a current source rather than as a voltage source. Current sources are more effective at tracking nonlinear switching behavior, and they permit accurate modeling of long, complex interconnects. Already used by Cadence's SoC Encounter RTL-to-GDSII flow, ECSM is now supported by Magma's Blast Fusion implementation suite as well. For more, surf to www.magma-da.com and www.cadence.com

Learn Verilog/VHDL interactively using PracticalHDL, a desktop training course that offers self-paced learning. The course takes an application-based approach that bridges the gap between HDL theory and real-world RTL coding requirements. There's step-by-step voice instruction and narration, as well as line-by-line HDL examples and explanations. A free trial can be downloaded. The complete course costs $245 for Windows PCs. Visit www.technically-speaking.com.

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