Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

Co-simulation of electrical and mechanical systems is made possible by integrating Cadence's PSpice technology with Matlab and Simulink products from the Mathworks. The PSpice SLPS interface for Cadence's OrCAD products creates a simulation environment that enables designers to identify and correct integration issues of electronics within a system. Adding the PSpice Smoke option allows for stress audits to verify that components are operating within safe or derated limits. For further details, visit www.orcad.com.

3D full-wave extraction capability comes to microwave and RFIC design, thanks to a collaboration between Optimal Corp. and Applied Wave Research Inc. The combination of Optimal's O-Wave full-wave solver with AWR's Microwave Office and Analog Office design suites enables designers to quickly perform accurate 3D, full-wave electromagnetic simulations and parasitic extraction to verify full-chip performance before committing to tapeout. Users invoke the O-Wave solver from the AWR design environment. For more information, visit www.optimalcorp.com and www.mwoffice.com.

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