Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

An open data model is just one of the enhancements to version 12 of Mathcad. The calculation software adopted XML as its native file format. Users can automatically save Mathcad files as XML documents, making them easier to search and share with other users and systems, including document-management applications, CAD programs, and product data-management tools. It provides a new ability to define default units, such as selecting inches instead of feet as the U.S. default unit. A Data Import wizard makes it easy to bring multiple data types from other applications into Mathcad. Price is $1199 per user. Upgrades cost from $299 to $399. For more information, surf to www.mathcad.com.

Design and verification of ICs with the Serial ATA (SATA) interface standard is simplified by two new products crafted by Denali. A new IP core, called Databahn-SATA, provides developers with a means of deploying SATA II interfaces on ICs. A piece of verification IP called PureSpec-SATA provides for pre-silicon verification of functionality, compliance, and chip-to-chip interoperability for designs using the SATA II standard. Additionally, Denali has joined the Serial ATA International Organization, which defines and implements Serial ATA storage specifications as industry needs evolve. Visit www.denali.com and www.sata-io.org for more information.

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