Electronic Design

EDA Roundup

Support for the Spirit 1.0 specification is now offered by Mentor's Platform Express tool, an XML-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) design creation platform. The SPIRIT 1.0 spec defines a standard XML data set to ease intellectual-property (IP) integration issues during the SoC design process. With this standard, IP providers can create an IP databook in XML, documenting features, data files, and configurability options for IP. Platform Express uses that XML data to automate the IP integration process. Visit www.mentor.com and www.spiritconsortium.com for further information.

Major expansion for CoWare's ConvergenSC library of SystemC models comes with the addition of ARM PrimeCell peripherals. CoWare used golden RTL and testbenches to create its SystemC PrimeCell models. The models include PrimeCell System products, ancillary products, memory controllers, and peripherals from the ARM PrimeXsys platform. Pricing starts at $15,000 for a one-year license. For more information, visit www.coware.com and www.arm.com.

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