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Filtered Modules Incorporate Four Functions In One Package

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A new line of filtered modules incorporates four functions in a single package. The modules combine an IEC 60320 sheet C14 power inlet, a fuse carrier for 0.25" x 1.25" and 5 mm x 20 mm fuses, a 10A RFI/EMI filter with shield, and a choice of either an on/off double-pole rocker switch or a 2-position voltage selector for 115 Vac and 230 Vac. The 4-function modules are designed to save panel space and to increase user saftety. The current carrying parts are not operator accessible when the cordset is engaged in the power inlet, thereby minimizing the chance of electrical shock. All modules carry UL, CSA and VDE approval marks. The modules, which are priced at $22.69 each, are available in either horizontal or vertical mount versions. PANEL COMPONENTS CORP., Oskaloosa, IA. (641) 673-5000.

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