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Handheld, Programmable ESD Tester Can Discharge 16.5 kV

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All of the features of a comprehensive ESD test system are said to be found in a new lightweight, handheld ESD tester that comes equipped with its own high voltage generator capable of delivering pulses of up to 16.5 kV—the discharge voltages are user-programmable over a 200V to 16.5 kV range. With the instrument, users can also create custom tests using single or repetitive discharges with user-selected frequencies, discharge rates, and manual or automatic polarity switching. And a remote software control facility allows test procedures to be sequenced, saved and optimized via a remote PC.
Suitable for performing characterization testing of new designs, IEC compliance and pre-compliance testing, and QA production testing, the NSG 435 battery-powered ESD tester also comes equipped with a 150-pF/330 ohm discharge network for conducting tests to IEC 100-4-2. In addition, a number of optional extra discharge networks is available for testing to other standards, including IEC 801-2/1984. The portable ESD tester costs $7,650.

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