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HDL Graphical Entry Tool Has SRC Support

The problems of cross-platform uniformity and version control are addressed in EASE 4.0 HDL graphical entry tool, which provides a modern, fully identical GUI for Windows, UNIX, and Linux. The new GUI features context-sensitive pop-up menus, consistent pull-down menus and standardized, matrix-oriented property windows adhering to Windows standards. The program's support for the Clearcase source revision control system has been extended and generalized to support the most popular SRCs in the market. To fully support source revision control, the software has been internally restructured to offer a contained environment for designing and/or reusing HDL designs. All design elements are stored in libraries, which become the basic underlying structure for the HDL designs under construction. The new version supports streamlined interfaced to other HDL-based design tools such as simulators and synthesis tools.

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