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Achieving signal integrity becomes increasingly difficult as silicon processes shrink. Analysis tools can find many signal-integrity problems, but it is accurate models that can help turn the tide. Silicon Metrics' SiliconSmart SI tool provides the improved driver models required by the latest noise-analysis tools to nail down slippery signal-integrity issues.

SiliconSmart SI includes a modeling module that supports the Synopsys and Cadence signal-integrity tool suites. Support for all Synopsys Liberty noise-model constructs includes drivers, noise immunity, and noise propagation. The tool also includes intelligent measurement planning to accelerate signal-integrity characterization.

The tool is configurable to support a range of signal-integrity modeling levels. These levels match modeling-construct support to the analysis capabilities of a given signal-integrity tool, allowing tradeoff of characterization complexity with analysis capability across multiple tools. Modeling level support and capacity are scalable to meet future needs.

Silicon Metrics Corp.
Product SiliconSmart SI
Phone: (512) 651-1500
Price: Configurations start at $90,000. Available now.
Web: www.siliconmetrics.com

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