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ITU-T O.172 Enhancements Are Added To SDH/PDH Test Set

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By incorporating functionality that allows it to perform tests per ITU-T Recommendation O.172, the CTS 850 SDH/PDH test set can not only perform network timing and synchronization tests at line rates ranging from 2 to 622 Mbits/s, but can also make jitter and wander measurements. With its 300 UI jitter measurement range, CTS 850 can capture the pointer hits and counts useful for troubleshooting such time-sensitive services as 2-Mbit/s GSM and PBX. It can measure down to 0.1 Hz, with variable high-pass cut-off frequency, to fully characterize phase transients. Measurements also can be made at digital network interfaces to assess video service performance.CTS 850 test set also contains new functions for performing M.2101.1 analysis of SDH signals and for analyzing, mapping and de-mapping 45-Mbit/s signals.

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