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Modular Distributed Power Systems Keep Low Profile

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Designed for networking equipment, cellular sites and other applications where rack space is at a premium, a new series of low-profile, modular, distributed power systems delivers a power density of up to 6W/in3 at efficiencies as high as 86%. The systems, the FM-600 and FM-400, sport power ratings of 600W and 400W, respectively, with active power factor correction to 0.99. Inputs range from 85 to 265 Vac and outputs from 12 to 48 Vdc. They are hot-pluggable for N+1 redundancy and employ Positronic connectors that allow modules to be removed and inserted so power service is not interrupted.For horizontal mounting, the distributed power systems come in 1U modules (1.66"H x 5"W x 11.95"D), as well as a three-module 1U-high rack for a standard 19" cabinet shelf. They are also available in a 3U (5"H x 1.66"W x 11.95"D) 19" rack shelf, for vertical mounting of up to eight modular supplies. Features include active current sharing and internal OR-ing devices, plus DC-OK, AC-OK, over-temperature protection, and remote on/off indicators. Both models meet all international safety and emission specs. HITEK POWER, Santee, CA. (619) 258-7700.

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