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Oscilloscope Offers Delayed Sweep

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The LS 8050 is a dual-channel, laboratory-grade, 50-MHz delayed sweep oscilloscope that offers bright, sharp traces along with superior stability. With a 1 mV/div. sensitivity and 15 MHz band limiting at 1 and 2 mV/div., the instrument can closely examine small parts of the main timebase sweep signal. It uses highly stable TV-V and TV-H trigger capabilities along with a trigger lock function to establish the trigger point within the peak-to-peak signal swing. Other features are hold-off to view complex waveforms, X-Y operation, a scale illuminator for waveform photography, and a CH1 output that lets the CH1 amplifier operate as a high gain, calibrated preamplifier. The instrument meets international standards for EMI, EMS and safety.

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