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Power Source Targets Next-Generation IP Networks

Intended for use in next-generation IP networks, theIntergy Network Energy Source (NES) is a 19” rack-mount integrated power system featuring high-density rectifiers and battery trays designed for “plug-in-and-walk-away” installation. The NES sends telecomm-grade, 48 Vdc power directly to communications equipment, delivering dc backup power, real-time monitoring, and system control via an Ethernet link to network appliances for VoIP applications. Devices that can be powered by the system include IP phones, routers, wireless LAN access points, and other equipment on the network. Due to its modular design, the NES can be configured to grow with converging networks. Additional features include full system diagnostics, built-in intelligence and communications, including on-line battery status, system alarms, and metering and monitoring, for both local and remote users. An optional user interface is also available with a custom LCD screen and keypad. Pricing for NES starts at under $5,000.

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