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Power Supply Software Slashes Design Time

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PC-based power supply software called PI Expert has been enhanced to include a more intuitive user interface, faster execution speed and new productivity enhancing traits. PI Expert automates the design of single- and multiple-output flyback power supplies using the company's TOPSwitch and TinySwitch product families. The enhanced software, PI Expert version 4.0, quickly determines the critical components for an efficient power supply design in five or less mouse clicks. The improved graphical user interface lets engineers increase productivity by opening multiple designs simultaneously. The flexibility can give a side-by-side comparison of two designs, for example, one automatically produced by the software, with minimal input from the designer, and another designed manually, after the user has manually selected components. The best design can then be selected by comparing the results on-screen. According to the company, execution speed is dramatically improved for reduced design time. Using "autodesign" to optimize for lowest cost or highest efficiency, PI Expert determines the best-fit power IC, input capacitor and complete transformer design details in less than a minute. The system can also identify potential component mismatches and alternative solutions. PI Expert is free of charge and can be downloaded from the company's web site. POWER INTEGRATIONS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 414-9200.

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