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Receiver Modules Lower Component Count

Measuring 33 mm x 14.5 mm x 2 mm, the AMRRS3 superheterodyne receiver modules are said to eliminate discreet designs for applications requiring the capture of unencoded data from an AM transmitter. Available for 315 and 433.92 MHz, with 418 MHz offered as an option, the modules provide a receiving range of up to 330'.Features include a maximum data rate of 3 kHz, typical sensitivity of -106 dBm, 5V operation, and a temperature range of -13ûF to +112ûF. The modules also include a SAW filter, preamplifier front end, and CMOS/TTL-compatible outputs. Price is $16 each/100. For further information, call OKW ELECTRONICS, Bridgeville, PA. (412) 220-9244.

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