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Single-Card Bus Analyzers/Exercisers Speed Testing Of CompactPCI Designs Up To 66 MHz

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The need for multiple pieces of test equipment is said to be eliminated when using the HP E2940A CompactPCI exerciser and analyzer. Capable of testing CompactPCI designs without having to shut down the host system, the new testing tool can trigger and capture all CompactPCI bus activity up to 66 MHz and supports exerciser capabilities up to 50 MHz in 32- and 64-bit environments.With the test tool's "hot-swap" functionality, system integrators no longer need to shut down and reboot a CompactPCI system to perform tests. When 100% uptime is vital, such as with security systems, the card can be plugged directly into a functioning CompactPCI system to analyze individual modules or cards. Engineers can swap the tool from one card to another as necessary.The E2940A exerciser/analyzer comes complete with its own test software, virtually eliminating test setup time.

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