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Who better to talk about DSOs than the engineers at LeCroy Corp.? Their upcoming webcast, Using Digital Oscilloscopes, will focus on practical examples of how to troubleshoot common failure modes of electronic circuits/components. Topics will include finding small signals in the presence of noise, use of an FFT to find harmonics or other frequency information, EMI/ESD tests, measuring the short/long term stability of key parameters, troubleshooting crosstalk and other improved techniques for characterizing circuit performance. The material consists primarily of real world signal examples. Most of the material is focused on the use of digital oscilloscopes in the 200 MHz to 2 GHz range, but the techniques apply broadly to all bandwidths. The webcast is scheduled for Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 2:00 pm ET. Don't miss it. For more information point your browser to

RFID World February 27 – March 6, 2006 Dallas, TX
The largest RFID-focused industry event gives users of this technology an opportunity to learn from experts, see demonstrations of actual solutions, and network face-to-face with supplier partners delivering the full breadth and scope of RFID. An added attraction: Sun Microsystems and its partners is inviting all attendees to an open house at its RFID Test Center in Dallas on February 27, 2006 between 1pm and 5 pm.
To find out more about this event, visit:

For which consumer product are you most likely to purchase an extended warranty?

  • Desktop computer
  • Notebook computer
  • IPod or similar player with hard disk
  • Game console
  • Digital still camera
  • Large Screen TV
  • All of the above
  • I never purchase extended warranties.

To vote, go to

Datasheet Central
New for February is our updated listing of companies who supply Communications ICs. Our Datasheet Central listing makes it fast and easy to link to the datasheets and application notes on vendor web sites. To visit Datasheet Central, go to and scroll down to Datasheet Central.

Joe Desposito's Blog
This month Joe writes about the raft of young companies he has met with in the past few months. These companies are pushing the envelope of electronics technology in many different ways. Some are doing it with hardware and others with software. Companies include Sirific Wireless, WiQuest, Aprio, SiliconSystems, Beceem Communications, Cavium Networks and a host of others. Point your browser to and scroll down to Joe Desposito's Blog.

COOL SITES /seminars
Speedline Technologies experts will tackle the SMT industry's most pressing manufacturing challenges in a new series of free, monthly webinars. Designed for OEM and CEM process engineers, each of the monthly one-hour Internet-based seminars will focus on challenges specific to a major surface mount technology manufacturing process. Topics include lead-free printing, high-speed underfill, practical DOE and SPC for electronics assembly, 0201 and 01005 component assembly, and more. The webinars will include an educational presentation, discussion of new technologies and techniques, practical how-to advice, and a Q&A opportunity.
For embedded developers creating custom Linux platforms for PowerPC and x86 processors
, the site has archived webinars that are free of charge to view. The webinars address key challenges faced by embedded developers creating custom Linux platforms. A Linux development expert leads each webinar using LinuxLink by TimeSys, a continuously updated, Web-based resource for embedded Linux development. Attendees are guided through the process of creating a custom Linux platform for an embedded development project targeting a PowerPC or x86 processor, including:

  1. Patching and compiling the Linux kernel
  2. Assembling a root filesystem (RFS) from precompiled binary RPMs
  3. Cross-compiling a source RPM and adding it to an RFS
  4. Adding an autoconf project to an RFS
  5. Setting up a cross-development environment
  6. Working in a native development environment
  7. Taking full advantage of a LinuxLink subscription

Company: EEPN

Product URL: Click here for more information

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