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Electrification: In-Line vs. Isolated (Non-Contact) Current Sensors

An Electronic Design-hosted webinar sponsored by TTI and Honeywell

This webinar was originally held on June 27, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing.

Sponsor: TTI, Honeywell
Duration: 1 Hour

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Electrification will have a profound impact on a wide range of industries including transportation, construction, agriculture, and energy storage. As platforms become electrified, current sensing is required in several applications such as current flow monitoring, battery health and charge estimation in electric vehicles, heavy industrial and battery energy storage systems.

This webinar will introduce different current sensing methods, compare several aspects such as performance, cost, and ease of implementation, and discuss tradeoff discussions engineers have to consider. This presentation will cover: 

  • Overview on Current Sensors 
  • Types of Current Sensor 
  • Selecting a Current Sensor 
  • Examples of tradeoff considerations for current sensing in Battery Management Systems, Motor Control, and EV Charging Stations 

Honeywell offers different current sensing methods to deliver the best combination of performance and value.  


Edward Woollard | Customer Marketing Specialist | Honeywell Sensing and Safety Technologies for Transportation

Edward Woollard is a Product Marketing Specialist at Honeywell supporting sensors used in Transportation vehicles.  Prior to joining the Transportation team, Edward managed multiple product lines that support  both medical and industrial applications.

John Fontes | Global Applications Engineer | Honeywell Sensing and Safety Technologies for Transportation Products

John Fontes is a Global Applications Engineer at Honeywell Sensing and Safety Technologies, supporting sensor needs for electric vehicles. John has over 30 years of experience working on sensors used in Transportation vehicles.

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