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Purpose-Built Linux for Aerospace and Defense

An Electronic Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Wind River

Originally broadcast on September 21, 2023. Now available On Demand.

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Since 2016, open-source software has become a focal point of the US military’s software development strategy (The People’s Code | (, with the Department of Defense becoming one of the largest users of open-source Linux distributions. They hoped that this change would lead to faster and more efficient innovation, while allowing advancements to be shared across projects and industries. Across the A&D space, we see a similar push, with many projects facing similar challenges and turning to lean on proven, reliable software.

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits that purpose-built Linux provides to developers building applications for embedded systems in the aerospace and defense industry.

You Will Learn:

  • What issues embedded developers face when building applications
  • Why developers work with Linux
  • How purpose-built Linux can decrease time-to-market and improve application safety

Sponsored by:


Jay Kruemcke | Senior Product Line Manager | Wind River


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