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Bluetooth® and Industrial IoT: Applications, Requirements, and How to Leverage the AIROC™ CYW20829

Explore the expanding horizons of Bluetooth® in the Industrial IoT landscape, uncovering key growth applications such as asset tracking and photovoltaic cell monitoring, and discover how Infineon's AIROC™ CYW20829 MCU provides the optimal blend of performance, functionality, and flexibility for Industrial IoT designs in this enlightening webinar.

This webinar was originally held on March 7th, 2024, and is now available for on demand viewing.


Duration: 1 hour

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The scope and reach of Bluetooth® are rapidly expanding with the adoption of features like Coded PHYs and PAwR to enable longer range and one-to-many connectionless communication. In line with that, Bluetooth is poised to become a major player in Industrial IoT (IIoT) with capabilities designed to empower emerging applications, like asset tracking or photovoltaic cell monitoring in solar farms, and to enhance existing applications served previously through competing or proprietary protocols, like electronic shelf labels (ESL).

Join us for this informative webinar to learn about Bluetooth in the IIoT, key growth applications and how new Bluetooth MCUs like the AIROC™ CYW20829 from Infineon are offering the optimal mix of performance, functionality and flexibility for IIoT designs.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of Bluetooth and its features
  • Bluetooth applications targeted at the Industrial IoT
  • Bluetooth requirements to meet the demands of an Industrial setting
  • How the AIROC™ CYW20829 meets these challenges
  • A short demo of PAwR
  • How to get started with Infineon’s AIROC™ CYW20829


Alfredo Pérez
Senior Bluetooth Product Marketer at Infineon
Infineon Technologies

Alfredo Pérez is a Senior Bluetooth Product Marketer at Infineon. He has been in the semiconductor industry for over a decade performing diverse roles in RF engineering and wireless SoC/module marketing. He joined Infineon in 2022 to lead/drive definition, management, and promotional efforts for Bluetooth® and multi-protocol devices.

Alfredo has BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering, from The Univ. of Texas at El Paso, and pursued doctoral studies in analog/RF IC design at Texas A&M University. He enjoys playing volleyball, visiting museums, learning history and leisure travel.

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