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IBM and Intentia, a provider of enterprise applications, have announced plans to develop and host application services. Intentia's current e-business solution, the enterprise application system Movex, will be extended to include complementary e-business solutions and services based on IBM's e-business framework. According to the companies, their joint efforts will result in a set of new tools designed to help companies address the challenges of e-business and exploit the value of the Internet.

Design & Reuse (D&R) has opened its Internet Intellectual Property (IP) Centre. Acting as a broker between the IP buyer and seller, the Centre hopes to significantly shorten the business decision cycle by helping potential buyers identify useable IP. The Centre also will provide information on IP quality assessment, FPGA mapping, and validation on hardware platforms.

Dell Computer has become a member of the RosettaNet Consortium, an organization working to develop and implement interface standards that align supply chain business processes. As a member of the consortium's Information Technology (IT) Managing Board, Dell will assist with implementation of a host of standards, including XML-based Partner Interface Processes (PIPs), Technical Dictionaries, and the RosettaNet Implementation Framework.

Cimetrix Inc. has ported its CODE (Cimetrix's Open Development Environment) machine-modeling and control software package to RTX, VenturCom's real-time enabling technology for Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows NT Embedded 4.0. Cimetrix also has joined the VenturCom Premier Partner Program, and it will offer RTX packaged with its own software products. Builders of surface-mount technology, electronics assembly, and robotic automation equipment can now design real-time motion-control applications with Cimetrix' Windows NT Workstation-based CODE and deploy them across Windows.

Calibre Inc. and Infineon Technologies Corp. have agreed to dual-source selected products in their IrDA-compatible data transceiver lines. The first product slated for dual-sourcing is a fast infrared IrDA-compatible transceiver, which has been designed with an architecture that prolongs battery life in IR-enabled battery-powered electronic appliances.

Hubbell Premise Wiring will participate in the Graybar VIP (Verified Independently for Performance) Test Program administered by ITS/ETL. Since channel performance is expected to become the basis of product choices for Gigabit Ethernet solutions, obtaining Graybar approval could be quite advantageous. In fact, Hubbell plans on supplying a full line of jacks and patch panels that are channel-compliant with approved Graybar cable partners.

Power-One Inc., a power-supply vendor of high-density dc-dc converters and distributed-power front ends, is acquiring HC Power Inc., a supplier of power systems for telecommunications and Internet service providers and OEMs. The union expands Power-One's coverage of the Internet, telephony, and data markets, merging the company's manufacturing and international marketing strengths with HC Power's expertise in high-power design. According to Power-One, it can now power any network device.

W.L. Gore and Associates will provide Eastern Communications Co., a Chinese wireless phone manufacturer, with surface-mount EMI gaskets. The GORE-SHIELD SMT EMI gaskets will be included in Eastcom's latest line of GSM handsets. Eastcom hopes to produce 10 million phones per year by 2003. The company believes this agreement will help it capture a share of the Chinese mobile-phone market, which currently totals 35 million users and is growing by 1.5 million more each month.

A merger between two magnetics suppliers should give designers a more complete source for both power and RF types of toroidal inductors and transformers. AMVECO Magnetics, a supplier of toroidal power components, has acquired Talema Electronic, a vendor of toroidal transformers, inductors, and high-frequency magnetics. The deal centralizes engineering and customer support for the two companies in Houston, while maintaining manufacturing operations in their three existing plants.

Diversified manufacturing and technology giant 3M is splitting its Electronic Products Division and forming the Interconnect Solutions Division. This spinoff will concentrate on designing, manufacturing, and marketing interconnect products for computer, telecom, and test equipment. Its products and services will encompass copper and fiber connectors, cables, and connectorized cable assemblies. Meanwhile, the remaining Electronic Product Division will focus on 3M's Microflex circuits.

Two manufacturers will combine their manufacturing resources to streamline the production of conductive gaskets used for EMI shielding in telecom products. The alliance is between Chomerics (a division of Parker Hannifin Corp.), a supplier of conductive products for EMI shielding and EMC compatibility, and Nypro Inc., a precision injection molder. This agreement should create a more efficient supply chain, thereby simplifying ordering, speeding delivery, and enhancing the quality of the gaskets.

A supplier of high-efficiency ac motor controllers, Anacon Systems, will provide its DigiDrive ac motor controller system to ITT Industries, a vendor of pump systems. Anacon Systems' motor control hardware and firmware should aid the development of state-of-the-art pumps with improved performance (greater functionality, quieter operation), efficiency, life, and network compatibility. The application of sophisticated signal-processing techniques to motor control appears to be a growing trend. This movement is supported by the likes of Analog Devices and Texas Instruments, who in the last few years introduced DSP-based chip solutions for motor control.

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