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TechXchange: 2022 Editorial Calendar

Feb. 23, 2021
Check out our online editorial calendar for 2021.

Welcome to the online calendar for our TechXchange series. The topics below will be linked to the matching TechXchange, which may already be online.

We actually don't have a schedule by date but rather topics that we plan on targeting along with TechXchange topics that we come up with during the year. So here are the topics we are planning on.

  • Rust Programming
  • Embedded Fuzz Testing
  • Time Sensitive Networking
  • SmartNICs
  • Automotive and Industrial Networking
  • Robotics
  • 5G Infrastructure    

Here are some of the TechXchanges that are already available. 

You can also view the latest TechXchange items and check out our TechXchange Talk videos. 

If you would like to contribute an article to a TechXchange, then let us know.