Electronic Design
Low-Cost Laser Cuts Through Industrial Apps

Low-Cost Laser Cuts Through Industrial Apps

Groomed for microelectronics, photovoltaics manufacturing, and other processes requiring 24/7 operation, the Mosaic 532-11 Q-switched, diode-pumped solid-state industrial laser combines a head and power supply into a single package. It delivers short pulse widths of less than 15 ns, high peak power, and can operate at high repetition rates. Microelectronics applications include de-paneling or singulating PCBs, structuring and ablating PCBs, scribing ceramics, and de-flashing electronic package leads. Photovoltaic apps include edge isolation of crystalline silicon wafers and scribing P2 and P3 layers on thin-film solar panels. NEWPORT CORP., Irvine, CA. (800) 222-6440.

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