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Radio Test-Set App Enables DMR Transmissions

The company now offers a PC-based application for sending and receiving digital mobile radio (DMR) data using its 3920 as the generator and receiver. Users can capture DMR data from radios and repeaters and also transmit user-defined data over the air to dynamically analyze messages and isolate transmission and receiver problems. The PC application operates along with the DMR XML channel logger (Option 390XOPT402), available as an option for the 3920 as part of the DMR system. The DMR XML channel logger option sends and receives XML data, streaming it to the PC. This enables the ability to log DMR data coming from a DMR base repeater to a PC file. The application is available as a free download at the company’s web site. AEROFLEX INC., Plainview, NY. (800) 835-2352.

TAGS: Mobile
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