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Systems Deliver 60A Ground Bond Test

Capable of performing ac-hipot, dc-hipot, insulation- resistance, and ground-bond tests, the 2900 series hipot testers team with the 2660 ground-bond tester to provide up to 60A of output current for high-current ground-bond testing. Connecting the 2660 to any of the three 2900 hipot testers forms a complete test system that allows users to perform electrical safety tests via a single push button. Three models in the 2900 series include the 2925 ac-only hipot tester, the 2935 ac/dc tester, and the 2945 ac/dc hipot tester with built-in insulation resistance tester. For more details and prices, call SLAUGHTER COMPANY INC., Lake Forest, IL. (800) 504-0055.


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