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Handheld Benchtop Logic Analyzer Has 72 Channels At 250 MHz
The GoLogic72 is a 14-oz PC-hosted logic analyzer that measures 6.5 by 3.75 by 1.2 in. Operating through a printer port, it features 72 channels at 250-MHz timing, or 71 channels at 125-MHz state with 512 Ksamples/channel standard and 1 Msample/channel optional. With double the memory depth, 36 channels can be sampled at 500-MHz timing. Other features include transitional timing, eight sequence levels, counters, timers, selective storing, and activity indicators. The GoLogic72 even has an output for triggering a scope and software for viewing logic-analyzer data time-aligned with scope data.

Running under Windows 95/98/NT, its software provides two modes of operation. The first is a simple setup that shields users from the complexity of setting up the analyzer. The other mode, designed for the power user, provides full control over setting up the analyzer. Also, the software lets users operate the analyzer over the Internet or over company LANs. It includes disassemblers and a plug-in development kit for custom applications as well.

The 512-Ksamples/channel version costs $3995. The 1-Msample/channel model costs $4995.

NCI, 6438 University Dr., Huntsville, AL 35806; (256) 837-6667; fax (256) 837-5221;

CE-Certified Field Calibrator Features Three Process Modules
The Quik-Cal 890 now carries the mandatory "CE marking" necessary for operation in the European community. A highly accurate field calibrator, this device features three process modules—a dc milliampere and volt simulator, thermocouple input/output, and RTD input/output. Versatility is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that automatically generate pressure. This eliminates the inaccuracies and inconvenience of hand pumping. The current grouping allows the calibrator to measure from inches of water to 10,000 lbs, and more will be added to further increase the unit's capability.

Now available for shipping, base units are priced at $3495 each, pressure modules start at $995, and electrical modules are $795. Typical configurations range from $4500 to $5500.

Altek Industries Corp., 35 Vantage Point Dr., Rochester, NY 14624; (800) 322-5835; fax (716) 349-3510;

Instrumentation And Debug Tool Accelerates Time-To-Market
Designers who use the M8051E-Warp system-on-a-chip core can take advantage of On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI). These debug tools consist of debug block logic integrated into the synthesizable core model. The debug block provides an in-circuit emulator feature set, including instruction trace capability on-chip. A standard JTAG connector links a high-performance hardware-assisted debugger to the target system that contains the M8051E-Warp.

Communications between the OCI debug block in the silicon and the Windows PC development system are managed by the debugger. A graphical source-level debugger that runs on the PC completes the tool set. With these features, OCI saves time in pre-silicon testing, silicon verification, and software development and debug in prototype FPGA-based targets or final hardware. This accelerates time-to-market.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

First Silicon Solutions, 3512 NE 23rd Ave., Ste. 1, Portland, OR 97212; (503) 331-2575;

Rugged DMMs Have Snap-On Heads For Host Of Measurement Needs
Digital multimeters (DMMs) in the Test-Pro 400 series feature interchangeable snap-on heads that let users perform ac and dc voltage, temperature, frequency, resistance, continuity, capacitance, diode, ac current true RMS, and humidity measurements. Designers can use the deluxe leadsets with removable probe tips to take measurements several feet away from the unit. These devices feature audible and LED voltage indicators, overload protection on all ranges, peak hold, sleep mode, a low-battery indicator, and a lifetime warranty.

The Test-Pro 400 series was designed with durability in mind. According to their manufacturer, these devices can withstand a 10-ft. drop test. They also can resist severe electrical overloads, such as lightning and load-switching transient pulses up to 6 kV. An O-ring provides double-thick housing armor that keeps out moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. Furthermore, advanced EMI shielding guarantees stable readings near electrically noisy apparatus.

Pricing ranges from $117 for the basic model to $610 for a complete kit with a full set of snap-on heads.

Ideal Industries Inc., Becker Place, Sycamore, IL 60178; (800) 435-0705; fax (800) 533-4483;

Cell-Analysis Package Complements Signaling Protocol Analyzer
A GSM cell-analysis product known as the Cell Analyzer can be used on any GSM network. At the touch of a button, field technicians can check and validate a basestation's radio performance. They also can use it to quickly identify and solve radio frequency problems, perform dropped-call analysis, and monitor cell statistics and other functions. It's available as an add-on package for the company's K1205 Signaling Protocol Analyzer, which is used by network operators to monitor telecommunication network performance.

The Cell-Analyzer add-on software package costs $10,500. It has an approximate six-week delivery time.

Tektronix Inc., P.O. Box 3960, Portland, OR 97208-3960; (800) 426-2200, code 1196; fax (503) 222-1542;

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